Realmark Acquires Property Management Business

Media Release
22 Mach 2018

Realmark acquires Property Management Business.

Realmark continues to set the pace in 2018, with the latest acquisition taking place in the Pilbara.
Realmark Karratha and Realmark Commercial Pilbara have entered into a contract with the
administrators of Allgold Holdings Pty Ltd.

Realmark is one of the most progressive and fastest growing property holdings in the Pilbara.
Realmark Karratha opened in November 2015 directed by award-winning agent Alexander Waters who
also holds a joint venture with Eliza Mearns to form Realmark Commercial Pilbara, the number 1
ranked commercial entity in the Pilbara.

The acquisition shows a strong commitment to the region in what has been a challenging time in the
past, it joins residential and commercial property for Karratha, Newman and Tom Price.
Realmark Managing Director, John Percudani said, “The acquisition shows the strength of the
Realmark brand.

We have an extremely talented team with great ability and foresight to grow when
others may have conceded. Alex and Eliza show great leadership and have now become the greatest
offering in the Pilbara combined.”

Speaking from the Karratha office, Mr. Waters said, “We are excited to be sending a strong message to
the region that Realmark is the agents of choice for all areas of the Pilbara, delivering across the
commercial and residential space.”

“The last few years have been really good for us, we have started a business in one of the worst
markets in Australia and thrived. This acquisition was the next step in our growth, and we are setting
our eyes on expanding into Hedland by the end of 2018.”

The businesses combined employ 13 full-time team members across the Pilbara.

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